Gallery Archives of Slavery
throughout American History

Credit: The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles Media type: photograph Museum Number: Year: 1862

$150 Reward For Runaway

Credit: Library of Congress Media type: advertisement Museum Number: Portfolio 22, Folder 12b Annotation: Advertisement run in Kentucky newspaper ofering up to a $150 reward for the return of…

Declaration of the Anti-Slavery Convention

Credit: Library of Congress Media type: broadside Museum Number: Portfolio 153, Folder 26 Annotation: Sixty abolitionist leaders from ten states met in Philadelphia in 1833 to create a national…

Plantation Economy in the Old South

Credit: The Warner Collection of Gulf States Paper Corporation, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Media type: painting Museum Number: Annotation: Plantation Life Year: 1876

The Africans of the Slave Bark

Credit: Library of Congress Media type: engraving Museum Number: LC-USZ62-41678 Annotation: African slaves on the deck of the slave ship Wildfire Year: 1860

The Negro Woman’s Appeal to Her White Sisters

Credit: Library of Congress Media type: broadside Museum Number: Portfolio 65, Folder 8 Annotation: Antislavery broadside created and published in London, 1850. With the increasing size of the abolotionist…

The Slave Sale

Credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine [number 38, December 1904] Media type: engraving Museum Number: Annotation: Though the Atlantic slave trade ceased legally importing slaves on 1 January 1808, the earliest…