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PRE-Civil War

Credit: Library of Congress Media type: painting Museum Number: LC-USZC4-4815 Year: 1836

Amelia Bloomer

Credit: US National Park Service Media type: photograph Museum Number: Year: 1860

Captured By Indians

Credit: The Saint Louis Art Museum. Bequest of Arthur C. Hoskins Media type: painting Museum Number: Year: 1848

Carter’s Little Liver Pills

Credit: Library of Congress Media type: advertisement Museum Number: LC-USZ62-75898 Annotation: Trade card advertisement for Carter’s Little Liver Pills showing man dressing and woman with headache. Though available as…

Cyrus McCormick’s Reaper

Credit: Library of Congress Media type: illustration Museum Number: LC-USZ62-44940 Annotation: McCormick who was from Virginia was one of two people to create a reaping machine. The invention of…

Dancing For Eels

Credit: Library of Congress Media type: painting Museum Number: LC-USZC4-4542 Annotation: Scene from a Play Year: 1848

Daniel Boone

Credit: University of Chicago Library, Special Collections Research Center Media type: engraving Museum Number: Annotation: This engraving shows an elder Boone hunting with his dog. Boone had been…
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