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Nathan Mote

Proud Descendant of Confederate Soldiers. John Andrew "Drew" Mote 1829-1905 Private, Company "A", 52nd Georgia Infantry. William Mote 1827-1864 Private, Company "C", 63rd Georgia Infantry. Proud of my Southern Heritage. Searcher of truth. Romans 12:16 "Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits."

Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists

  After the failed socialist revolutions of 1848 which encompassed most of the European continent, many German, English, Hungarian, Bavarian, etc. atheistic socialists flocked to the United States having been banned from their homelands for treason. Ironically just about all…
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The Grand Old Origin of the Republican Party

Introduction The Republican Party is the establishment of mainstream conservatism in contemporary American politics. Many of our readers, including myself, have likely had a history of voting for the Republican Party or perhaps even being a registered Republican. Many mainstream…
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The most hated man in Tennessee History

    By Ray Hill William Gannaway Brownlow was one of the most controversial figures in Tennessee history. “Parson” Brownlow was highly controversial during his own time and few figures ever relished the political battles he waged more than the…
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Federal War Crimes and Pure Evil.

Why They Raped, Pillaged, and Plundered: General Sherman’s Professed Hatred of Self Government November and December of this year mark the 150th anniversary of General William Tecumseh Sherman’s famous “march to the sea” at the end of the War to…
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The Angel’s Glow at Shiloh.

“Angel’s Glow” was a phenomenon of the Civil War in which soldiers’ wounds seemed to glow in the dark. It took 139 years to figure out why.     One of the enduring mysteries of the American Civil War was…
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Stonewall Jackson, Champion of Black Literacy

On one occasion Gen. Thomas J. Jackson was appointed one of the collectors of the Bible Society. When he returned his list it was discovered that, at the end, copied by the clerk of session, was a considerable number of names written in pencil, to each of which a very small amount was attached.
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