We’re simply American, and value our heritage.


Sons of the American Liberty Tavern, nestled in the heartlands of America, is actively bridging together our American heritage, and history, with our present and future generations.

We are entirely independent under the umbrella of the United States.
We hold no political agenda, nor influences in our content that we’re archiving — this is what makes us uniquely different.


Learn – The pure foundation of any organization, non-profit or not, we believe is the value of genuinely learning. We’re committed to educating, and sharing our work with the public so that in return it can continually be shared, which further preserves our liberty.

Share – Through sharing, unequivocally and completely free, we feel that it’s our very duty and responsibilities as Americans to educate others, and just as equally receive it in return. We don’t believe in having such information held back behind a lock and key. It’s history that the people of America have a right to.

Preserve – Our entire value structure is based around preservation, and protecting American history. Through preserving America’s heritage, it enables us to learn from our successes, and failures as a country, which we’re able to reference, and continue towards the righteous path. Be it with battles, battlefields, or even documents that are lost to history, our key focus is preservation.

Our History

The Tavern originally formed in the summer of 2010, centering around the American Civil War, as a Facebook group with the ideals of discussion and preservation. Through the impactful activity the group seen over the years, one thing was certain: we needed to be independent.

May of 2020

Justin M, Founder, began discussions with Co-Founder Nathan Mote of formulating an online library with the ideals of preservation relating to the American Civil War. Through Mote’s extensive journey of ancestry research pertaining to the Civil War, we began to put in motion of putting forth that research in an online, and public – more permanent space.

Over the next few months, our mission was afloat.

In the difficult times of America’s grand battle of liberty throughout 2020, we felt that it’s our responsibility to further expand our scope, and branch out towards the 3 main topics in which we’re excited, and honored to be preserving today.

Age of Discovery. The American Revolution. The American Civil War.

As a continual and combined effort that has expanded beyond our initial expectations, we’re pleased to be sharing America’s greatest past time with you, and in hopes that you too will preserve our great nation.


Visiting most blogs, and archives today, you’re often presented with advertisements, asking you to donate for this and that, and occasionally, an outdated and lackluster formatting of content. The initial ideologies of this project was, and has always been one of keeping it completely free, and user-friendly. No “Mudd”, as some historians say. We take pride in our simplistic and informational archive that is advertisement-free — we believe in an antiquated concept of “America deserves the unequivocal truth.” As such, read further about our core fundamental ideals.

Starting back to our original founding point, we’re an all-volunteer and nationally focused organization.

We’re the hobbyist.
The historian.
The researcher.
The brother and daughters of ancestors.

We all have the same ideologies of preserving and protecting America’s greatest assets. With our goals, we seek the truth across ALL mediums. We’re wanting to ensure the information in our archives is the most relevant, and as-researched as it could possibly be.

There’s always disagreements with historical accounts. The beauty of historical research is that it’s always open for discussion, interpretation of varying perspectives, and understanding. We encourage you to seek the truth.

Regardless of the severities, or general disagreements others might have with certain content, it’s out responsibility of being transparent by not withholding critical pieces to a larger puzzle.

In a tear-down, and take-away society for political agendas, we hope that you’ll join our fight in the preservation of our America.


When it comes to an Internet archive, we’re storing long strings of data for future referencing, long-term. However, what we’re storing on our servers and the information you’re sharing with us must be distinguished, and set apart. Here’s how we’re doing that.

The safety measures we have in place are there to protect you. We’re not storing any form of factual personal information on any independent connection. What we are storing is purely analytical data that we’re utilizing for statistical analysis.

Devices – We’re storing device properties (such as if it’s a computer, or mobile phone), pages visited on those devices, and the overall accessibility the visitor is experiencing on the user-end. This helps us further determine the necessities and changes, if any, that need to be made in order to correct issues, or further support our content from being displayed properly across a multitude of devices.

Page Visits – Viewing a page, article, image, or anything within the confines of our servers makes a log in our database. The statistical information we utilize gives us details of what’s trending, and seems to be popular with our visitors. When then further utilize that data to make decisions on future, and the expansion, of content that our visitors are most interested in. This helps us spread the most information possible that’s relevant to our visitors.

Connections (IP addresses) – We store independent connections per page, and overall website connectivity to determine further the trends of what’s being read, and what visitors find interesting. We purposely do NOT have keep any form of IP addresses — we let our CDN (Content Delivery Network) manage our networking infrastructure for the most part outside of our server provider datacenter. We’re not interested in such information, nor are the statistics.

Cookies – As a globalized standard of Internet archives, we utilizes basic cookies that store general information such as anonymous and logged in users, et cetera. We do not explicitly log any form of cookie data that is used for data collection.


Contributions Safety – We’re incredibly, INCREDIBLY, grateful for all of our members that help us towards our efforts of preservation through means of contributions.

  • We utilize a simplistic, yet extremely secured PayPal form that is a direct donation to our foundation through PayPal’s services. As such, all transactions (contributions) made through the Flagship are completely backed and secured by PayPal’s guarantee.
  • The information we’re provided is a receipt of the contribution, which on your behalf can be made entirely anonymous.
  • For a contributors safety, we’re not given any form of billing, credit card, nor address location when we receive contributions. This ensures that everyone, anonymous or not, is protected fully and avoids any complications.
  • All contributions made to The Tavern (Sons of the American Liberty Tavern) are non tax deductible, and we’re unable to offer any form of refunds.


Where does a contribution go?

We direct all contributions back into our foundation with coverage costs of our servers, content delivery network, and towards the efforts of our members and editors for preserving American history.

Can I use an image, or piece of information here?

Absolutely. We’re not a part of the public domain, nor governing body, however, we feel that it’s incredibly important to share. Feel free to cite us!

There’s information of mine on here that I’d like removed. How do I request it?

You’re more than free to use our “Contact Us” form on the left. We respect all requests of valid inquiry about content being removed. We attempt finding information that’s completely of the public domain, however, we’re not a team of lawyers!

How do I participate? Is there job openings?

We love that you’re interested in our progression, and expansion. We’re in the process of being more transparent with our visitors, and letting our members make contributions towards our foundation in the form of media, and articles. Be on the look out as we’ll announce this on the website.

Support our efforts

Standing up for preserving American Heritage and Liberty is vital to those things we believe and cherish. For over 240 years, America has fought for those very same liberties that we find ourselves fighting for today, and it all started with our founding fathers.

We’re not standing with one party, or one ideology.
We stand with the entirety of America.

Your generous contribution supports the journalism, archives of documents through America’s past, and much more.
We’ll always be subscription, and advertisement free.

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